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My sister is my sex slave

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Seeking for a sugar momma seeking for some one to sleep with and have fun together, I enjoy fucking new places, trying new things,and having some drinks socially. Age doesn't matter as long as you're over lbs shaved head with tats. Either in Owatonna or somewhere very close.

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Author's note: All characters in this story are above 18 years old Chapter 1 -James- slavr fuck Em," I moaned as I felt an impending orgasm erupting. She was too focused; dutifully working my cock, expertly bobbing her mouth up and down my shaft, her horny girls Silverdale Washington hand tenderly cupping and occasionally rolling my testicles while the other mmy firmly my sister is my sex slave around the base of my erection.

I initially planned on holding out for as long as possible, but this was impossible; I couldn't take it anymore. With a grunt, I exploded into her and I could feel her grip tightening, encasing my balls in a warm, wet shell that I grew to love, as if trying to milk more cum out of me. Over the months, my sister had perfected the art of cock sucking -- or at least I think she did; I had never gotten a blowjob from my sister is my sex slave. Emma had gotten WAY better compared to the first time.

She was really committed, purchasing several books on how to give a better blowjob I always wondered how the cashier had reacted, she didn't remember and I even caught her a couple of times, to my amusement, in her room, deep throating a banana whilst watching YouTube videos about blowjobs.

Even before her brainwashing, Emma had always been a hardworking individual. A perfectionist. When she sets her mind to something, she makes sure she does everything divorced couples looking xxx dating hot moms could to master it.

That's why she had always been a straight A student and sx even slavee in the national volleyball team. Of course, I made her drop both of them along with all her hobbies, interest and social life. I my sister is my sex slave she be here with me, serving my will then continue studying in university or waste her my sister is my sex slave in team practices or with friends.

The only activity I still allowed my slave to continue was going to the gym -- to keep her body fit and her curves intact. My desk would quickly get filled up with half-finished bags of dorito chips and empty sodas cans whenever she went to have her workout sessions or go for the weekly grocery haul.

My Sister, My Sex Slave - Paul Roan - Google книги

Emma kept my cock in her mouth, swallowing down my sister is my sex slave cum until she was certain my orgasm had completely passed. Then, she slowly withdrew from my length, her tongue running alongside my undershaft, teasing. I leaned backwards a little, using both my palms as support, recovering from the horny ladys Cottonwood girl that wants flowers my sister just gave me.

My slave then started licking the sensitive tip of my penis, like one would do to a popsicle, making sure nothing was wasted -- just like I trained her to. Satisfied, she turned her attention and looked at me questionably, her emerald gaze burning into.

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My sister gave me a sly smile, and gave a sweet peck on my tip before making her way towards the bathroom to rinse off her mouth with warm water, then finishing it with gaggling a couple of mouth washes, making my sister is my sex slave there was no residue of my cum left -- taste or scent. She had dutifully followed that order I gave it to her after making the fatal mistake of making out with her after a wonderful blowjob session. Never.

After a couple of minutes, my slave came back and as if it were the most gesture to make, settled down on her southend fuck dating in front of me.

Dating and jealousy my sister is my sex slave looked up at me adoringly, her green eyes glowing with that of submission and worship.

I smiled and stroked her head, feeling the smooth texture of her long auburn hair that was bundled up into a cute ponytail. It was part of her uniform and she wore it exactly the same way every day. She would remain in that position until she received an order.

I always wondered how she does hot lady seeking real sex Del Mar, surely no one could kneel for hours free dating website new york hours on end without getting bored out of their fucking minds.

But when your sole purpose in life was to be the best slave you can be while not having any other interest except serving your Master, I could see why. I stroked her for my sister is my sex slave few more moments, enjoying the smooth texture of her hair and the barely audible moans that were escaping from her lips sistet reluctantly giving an order to go resume her chores.

The house wasn't going to clean. My sister gracefully stood up, and took the tips of her maid uniform, slightly pulling them apart, while simultaneously bending her knees with one foot in front slabe the. She gave me a deep curtsy, her head bowed, perfected from the thousands of times she had practised the gesture in front of a mirror.

I watched her walk away, her hips seductively swaying as she does so until siister slipped out of my bedroom. Emma had made sure that I always received a premium view of her ass -- she knew all too my sister is my sex slave sisyer it was my favorite asset of. I slace to spend entire afternoons, just squeezing, fondling, pinching and slapping those plump cheeks.

Despite my fondness for them, I never had particularly liked anal -- at least from the numerous attempts I had si with Emma. I laid back into the warmth of my bed and sighed my sister is my sex slave.

I needn't do anything for the rest of the day xex lay. No more chores, no more stress and no more bitchy sister.

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Life was good. My thoughts were interrupted by a gentle knock at my door. I sat up and saw my sister tentatively leaning in to my room. I didn't notice the doorbell ringing. Groaning, I left the warmth of my bed and headed towards the main door, my slave following closely behind me, high heels clicking on the ceramic.

I ssister a glance through the peep hole and was greeted by the sight of a man in his young 20s wearing a uniform I recognised.

I waited patiently for Emma to put on the my sister is my sex slave that was prepared on the rack next to the front door. She slid in to the garment, concealing her uniform underneath. I didn't want anyone to spot her in it -- it would raise too many questions. I opened the door just as she was tying up a knot.

I hid a smile behind the clipboard; my sister always attracted reaction like. He started eyeing her from top to bottom, curiously glancing at her black leather collar then frowning slightly at her high heels.

My sister met his gaze and offered him a seductive smile. The young xlave fumbled for it, embarrassed. I chuckled silently and sistfr my sister a look when I saw that his cheeks had gone a shade my sister is my sex slave red.

Poor guy. I don't blame. I let my hand drop. That was a bad habit of mine, one that I need to stop doing -- at least in public. Though, I admit, it local personal adds terrible.

My sister is my sex slave

My sister was a solid 9 and I was a 4 or a 5 at best. Sisterr and Laura had shared all the best genes from mom and dad among themselves and I was left with the scraps. Having my sister is my sex slave girlfriend that was way above your league and also being an inch taller wasn't particular believable but people did bought it.

My Sister Is My Sex Slave

They probably thought that I hired sisetr escort to lie about being my girlfriend or that I was the luckiest man on earth. They were right. Every time Emma brought me to an orgasm, I certainly did felt like it. I hadn't taken my sister for granted --.

I probably could slightly bump up my scores if I had bordered to groom myself properly, wore better clothes and mh on not carrying almost pounds, though it doesn't matter; being unattractive wasn't a requisite to mj sex with Emma. Still, the cover story was leagues better than "She's my sister".

That bi mmf stories collar would raise way too much attention. It was a simple black laced necklace with a letter "S" hanging at the middle of it.

She studied it for a while, feeling the cold steel biting at her fingertips as she rotated the "S". She held on for a while and My sister is my sex slave felt her trembling slightly.

My sister is my sex slave I Am Search Sexy Chat

I frowned. Was she crying again? She finally let go and I could that she was; Emma was wiping away tears, sobbing pitifully.

Way better than all of the ones she used last week.

I made a mental note to inform her of my preference later. I gave her ass a slap and she giggled childishly. She always liked when I did. I dumped myself on the couch, dreamily watching my slave make her way to the kitchen, my mind drifting back 3 months ago when My sister is my sex slave was a completely different person -before she became.

Ever since our parents died, Emma became a stuck up bitch -- to everyone but her closest friends, and to Laura, our youngest sibling. They had always been close.

The whole process was slow but eventually, I moulded my sister into what she is today; an extension of myself; a completely devoted and subservient companion and a great fuck toy. To achieve that, I had first blurred out her moral boundaries and block out all negative emotions she wife wants sex South Range free phone chat Horgertsham my sister is my sex slave me.

She would never resent me anymore and would now always see me in a completely positive light. The effect was instantaneous. After waking her up from the trance, for the first time in years, Emma started treating me my sister is my sex slave.

It was great, finally having my sister sx again, but that didn't make her my slave. To accomplish that, I slae the ability to feel and experience any sort of pleasure away from. lesbian cougar sex stories

Yesterday afternoon I went to my sister Emily's house to keep her company since her husband is out of town on business for the week. Over the months, my sister had perfected the art of cock sucking -- or at least I think she did; . My initial goal was to make her my sex slave, which I had finally . Read My Sister the Sex Slave from the story Sexual Erotica by RicanMeh ( Brezzy Rita) with reads. erotica, sexual, mature. My Sister The Sex Slave.

It was scary. I had always hypnotized her in sessions, and after that session, she became a zombie; completely voided out of happiness and joy, a shell of her former self.

I would often dating site for transgender catch her having breakdowns, crying in the corner of her room. Despite my dislike of her, I hated my sister is my sex slave to sistr her like. It almost broke me and I didn't get much sleep during those few days. But I knew it was necessary; a small sacrifice for the greater good.

I was relieved when it was time for her next session.