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Anal sex slave stories

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Waiting for the love of my life.

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Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. To say Erika was smoking hot would be an understatement.

Look Cock Anal sex slave stories

She stood tall at 5'6", pounds with soft-blue eyes and an amazing body: Her blond wavy hair went 3 inches past her shoulders and was usually loose, or tied in a single ponytail. Normally I wouldn't rent to a college student, nonetheless a college freshman since they're usually strapped for cash.

But a family member knew her family from church and vouched for her, so hesitantly I agreed to rent to. The 100 free ts dating time I met Erika I was smitten. Her perfect smile storiez soft voice mesmerized me.

I almost agreed to let her live rent free. The pendant of her necklace kept swinging back and forth and sometimes got caught between her cleavage. I anal sex slave stories such a hard time staying focused. The deal was simple: I asked her how she could anal sex slave stories the rent since it was pretty high for a college student.

She said she got a job at a restaurant called Twin Peaks and anal sex slave stories parents would help with the rest. That was ssex months ago. Over the course of 6 months not much had changed, the warm weather started getting a little cooler which meant eat my pussy jours Erika would stop wearing tight, revealing clothes.

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Erika was good tenant, if she wasn't at school or studying she was at work. She didn't appear to have much of a social life, which surprised me seeing how unbelievably hot she.

I was afraid scores of men would be hovering around my house. Every time she came to pay the rent it was a welcome gift anal sex slave stories me. I always cherished that day.

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Not because she would give me money, but because she'd come dressed in something short and tight but always sexy.

I started to freshen up myself just for.

First time she wore tank top and short-shorts, second time a halter top and skirt. Last month was her Twin Peaks uniform. Tight anal sex slave stories shorts that hugged her thighs and upper leg snugly, and a srx tee-shirt with a very low neckline. I've been Twin Peaks many times and the owners had a habit of hiring young college girls with great assets.

Last month Erika a little short with the rent and said she'd make it this month, so I said OK. Of course I was distracted trying to catch a few peaks of her cleavage and thinking how badly I wanted to rip open that shirt and titty-fuck. This month, anxl, she didn't come by with the rent. I didn't wanna bombard her and ask her so I let a few days go by. A week had gone by and still no Erika. This bothered me. One storiee I hear the side door open and saw Erika come inside carrying loads shopping bags.

I walked over to help. She smiled, thanked anal sex slave stories and handed me a few Coach, Macys, Uggs and other high retail shopping bags. I carried them downstairs for her and asked her if we can talk. She said she'd be right upstairs after she freshened up.

An hour later Erika strolls upstairs. From her damp hair, fresh coat anal sex slave stories lipstick and mascara it was obvious she had stepped into the shower. She was wearing a white buttoned down shirt with the top two buttons undone, and the button of her shirt tied into a knot. Once again her cleavage was visible and the dolphin belly button ring looked polished.

22 Victims Of Sex Slavery Tell Their Disturbing Stories Over the next 4 years 11 , my dad took my virginity on camera, forced anal penetration, constant degrading, .. “I think my wife's Korean aunt was a child sex slave. Score Story Tags: slave, teen female, anal, cum, humiliation, tenant, landlord, 18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave. Anal sex is taboo in China, you might hear of that if you live in China. Does Chinese no. maybe 3%. Today I will tell you a Story that I had, and how I trained a Chinese Girl to anal, how to pass asian slave. She sucks.

She also wore blue tight cut-off couple seeking male Kansas shorts. Man, I wanted to fuck her so badly. She smiled at me and I almost forgot why I asked anal sex slave stories upstairs. It's been almost a week," I said. I meant to stop by but got so busy that it slipped my mind," she said. Her soft-blue eyes focused directly into my brown eyes. It happens," was slsve I could muster up.

She smiled, got up, reached into her tight denim shorts and pulled out some money. She was even awesome taking money out of her pockets! Stroies sat back down, and reached forward to hand me the money. I reached forward to meet her halfway.

Anal sex slave stories

As I grabbed the money I looked down and got a peek down her white blouse. With the top two buttons undone and her reaching forward, I got a much better angle of her cleavage. I could see naked older sister wearing anal sex slave stories lace bra.

I sat back up and counted the money and said, "this is only two. The rent is three thousand plus one thousand from last month. I'm sorry I'm a little short this month.

This made me a little uneasy. We are talking about anal sex slave stories lot of money. But I sdx expenses. It's one thing to be short and make it up the following month but another to not pay at all. You owe me 3, today and if you can't pay next month pelican nude women. the balance raises to 6, I know it's tough to be a college student. Why don't I call your parents and see if we can work something out? All of a sudden she became white as hockey dating ghost.

She eyes widen, she swallowed hard and shifted anal sex slave stories her seat. Oh God, no, please don't call. Why can't we work something out instead? I was puzzled, then it hit me. Maybe she wasn't really strapped for cash.

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After all, she just came home with handful of bags from very expensive retail stores. She uses top named brand products. Maybe she her parents were helping her but she was using the money for other things. Maybe she didn't want her parents to find. This just got interesting. Didn't they anal sex slave stories they'd help out? But I prefer you don't connecticutt strip clubs my folks. - Sex Stories - Anal

sslave I am eighteen, legal and in charge of my own life. I prefer we work something out instead. My eyes glanced downwards at the unbutton portion of her blouse and anal sex slave stories further down to her smooth silky legs. Erika smiled, her expression softened and she got up, walked catchy dating names and sat on the coffee table directly in front anal sex slave stories me.

She leaned forward and said, "I see the way you look at me. I can practically read your thoughts I see the way you look at me. Sometimes I feel like you're going to slam me against the wall, rip off my clothes and fuck me hard.

Sometimes I do wanna slam you against the wall, anal sex slave stories off your clothes and fuck you repeatedly. Where we qnal with this? Kinda steep don't you think? A one time fuck isn't exactly economic. Three times? How many times?