Watsu Spa Provider
Fluid Beginnings
Integrative Aquatic Therapy
Highslide JSSpeed Healing and Deepen Relaxation Response’ A movement therapy in 35 degree water,based in part on the principles of Shiatsu massage and incorporating all the known benefits of water therapy: increased circulation, decreased pain, protected joints and greater possible range of motion.

Health care professionals are incorporating Watsu in their treatment modalities. Watsu is being added to the list of Spa treatments around the world for its effectiveness in the relaxation response which promotes healing and Mind Body Spirit integration.


In the Watsu I Transition Flow you will experience the deep level of relaxation possible in warm water. Free up your own body as you facilitate movement in the water. Learn to apply your grounding techniques and body mechanics in water.
Especially beneficial as you experience a centering and dissolving of constrictions in your own body while holding another person in water.

Feel the impact of the stretching and range of motion on the body. Relax and attune yourself during this session to experience the essence of yourself using Watsu as a tool. Learn the four sequences of Watsu Level I Training. Shiatsu and Tanstu as well as Holding techniques, meditations, videos and group discussions are explored on land. Watsu Level I is a pre-requisite for Watsu 2 and 3 and certification as a Watsu Practitioner.

WATSU has been used to help the handicapped, the disabled, the depressed, the addicted, the abused, hyperactive children, and couples in troubled relationships. It is especially beneficial in rehabilitation and excellent for the elderly as well as expectant mothers.
Watsu Level 2 or Liquid Shiatsu includes expanded moves and adds acupressure in the water. To enter Watsu Level 2 you must have completed Watsu I and had a supervision. Watsu II intensive expands on the Transition Flow learned in Watsu I. Incorporate shiatsu in the water with the Transition Flow routine. Learn detailed bodywork, specific points, moves and stretches, which can be done in each of its sequences. Learn to give a complete expanded flow.
Expand the routine by learning the point work for each of the three sequences of Watsu Level I Training: Head Cradle, Under Shoulder, Three Saddles. Add the Hara work and face work. Explore the creativity in Watsu's sequences. Watsu Spa provider Status can be requested after Mastery of this level.

Watsu 3 is for people who have given enough Watsu sessions to develop a comfortable intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and who are now ready to explore spontaneously in "Free Flow." You are shown how to follow the rhythm of the energy being released, demonstrations and practice allow the flow to take you creatively into positions, movements, and states of being unlike any you may have known before. Performing additional advanced techniques include work at the pool wall and on the steps. With the help of videotaping, discussions allow the class to focus on areas which each student needs to further develop his or her Watsu. Many different possibilities are practiced and sequencing movements with rolls allows the student more freedom than just following a form such as in Watsu 1 and 2 levels.
Waterdance and AQUATHERICS®
Prenatal and Birth Journey
Integrative Aquatic Therapy sessions help heal Prenatal and Birth Trauma. Explore prenatal life from conception to birth. This early period of life is revealed in the session. In some situations the imprinting from early prenatal stage is explored with the corresponding movement patterns. These aquatic sessions are in a warm therapy pool. With the support and guidance of the facilitator, trauma and shock patterns are released from the body tissue. As this occurs, the healthy development of the emerging self begins to unfold.